Subtitling & Captioning Services

Our Process

Our subtitling process begins and ends with our people. After a full review of the transcript or source language file by a senior editor, a translation template is generated and provided to the translation team, together with a low resolution version of the source video. Using the style choices specified by the client, the subtitle editor generates target language subtitles and sets screen placement to ensure that graphics and other important video features are not obscured.  A senior subtitle editor then performs a final review and makes any necessary changes to the subtitle file. Our experienced technicians then use the completed subtitle file to generate the client’s final deliverables.

File Output

The final step is the output of the appropriate files needed to create the final deliverables.

We can render your subtitles onto your master video so that they’re always visible, or embed them into the video so that they’re visible only when selected in the player (sometimes referred to as ‘hard subtitles’ versus ‘soft subtitles’. As one of the leading subtitling and captioning agencies, our experienced technicians create video subtitles using state of the art equipment and can transcode your master video to any specifications required.

Subtitling Options

Burnt-In Subtitles

Subtitles that are directly superimposed and committed to your video. This subtitling option can be output to any video format (mov, mp4, wmv, h.264, h.265, etc.)

Timed Text Subtitles

These are time-code based text files that offer more flexibility and can be imported into media players for subtitling and captioning that syncs to picture. Some file types include: .srt, .sub, .xml, .ssl, .scc, .ttml, etc.

Graphics Localization

Another part of subtitling, captioning and video localization is generating titles and graphics in the target language. We do this seamlessly for fixed-position and animated titles and graphics. 

Subtitling & Captioning Services

Captioning For The Hearing Impaired

Regardless of subtitling or captioning style, all of our closed captions are accurately transcribed, carefully timed, free of typos, and will never cover your onscreen graphics.  All unfamiliar terms are diligently researched for proper spelling, and we apply multiple-level quality control reviews to each file. Because our video captioning service is done in-house, we can provide you with an extremely fast turnaround when your schedule demands it.

We offer subtitling and closed captioning services for all types of programming.  No video captioning project is too large or too small.  Whether your program is going to broadcast or DVD, Streaming VOD or government agency website, we can provide you with whatever you need to meet your accessibility requirements.

Using a state-of-the-art workstation, one of our professional caption editors accesses the program and carefully transcribes all audio elements, including the dialogue, sound effects, and other essential, nonverbal features. Text is then formatted into easy to read captions, positioned on the screen to avoid graphics and to indicate the speaker (in the case of pop-on style captions), and timed to appear with the related audio and video of the program.

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